Checklist - Raising a Support Ticket

The following support template gathers all relevant information required to enable SecureCo to adequately diagnose issues

The below questions are a guide only, please include any details that relate to your request

Customer Company Name


IMPACT: Describe the business impact associated with these symptoms.

How many Agents are affected?


Percentage of agents affected overall (e.g. 10 out of 100)


Is the issue still occurring?


How frequently is it occurring?


Are you able to complete payment transactions?


Are you still able to make or receive phone calls?


SITUATION: Describe the context, including:

When did the issue start?


What is happening when attempting to use the service?


Is this for both inbound & outbound calls, are calls going via IVR affected?


Have there been any recent changes or additions to your systems?


SYMPTOMS: Describe the unexpected behaviour:

Is there a specific error being generated?


How many Agents or Desktops are exhibiting the same problem? Is it site-specific?


Can you reproduce the problem? If so, what are the reproduction steps?


TROUBLESHOOTING: Describe the troubleshooting steps already taken:

Have you checked the telephony?


Are you experiencing network issues elsewhere?


Have you checked the local workstation for any issues?


CALL SPECIFIC DETAILS – Required for all call-related issues

Time of call (hh:mm:ss)


Duration of call (approx.)


If the issue is point-in-time specific, at what point during the call did the issue present itself? (approx.)


The direction of call (Inbound or Outbound)


Affected phone number (including area code)


Phone number of customer (including area code) – if available


Was the call in “Secure Mode”?