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How do I Find, Purchase and Activate "Custom" Inbound Numbers in Australia?

Read this article to learn about the process to search for and acquire custom Australian Inbound numbers so they can be activated on the IVP.


As in many markets globally, the concept of "Phone Words" or "SmartNumbers" has become commonly used in Australia where Organisations look to acquire and market themselves using Inbound Numbers that spell out their name or something related to their business e.g. 132 487 becomes 132 IVP (Example Only).

In Australia this is managed via a scheme known as "SmartNumbers" which administers the available inventory, searching for, purchasing and ownership of all Australian Inbound Numbers (13/1300/1800) on behalf of the regulator: the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

For Further information about "Custom" Inbound Numbers, including detailed information on inbound number ownership, costs and process please see the ACMA Website.

How to Find Available "Custom" Inbound Numbers in Australia?

The Numbering System which is part of the SmartNumbers scheme allows anyone to easily search the register of assigned and available Australian Inbound Numbers, including functionality to search for numbers that "spell" specific words or abbreviations.

How do I Purchase Available Numbers?

Purchasing and Managing Ownership of Numbers is all handled via the Numbering System, including the ability to Transfer Ownership of numbers.

Who owns the Numbers once I purchase them?

Once you purchase Numbers via SmartNumbers, you own them within the rules of the Scheme and may activate them on or port them to any carrier.

Note: Based on the current scheme rules, Purchased Inbound Numbers which are not active for a period of 3 years with any carrier will be reclaimed and put back into the pool of available numbers.

How do I activate my Numbers?

Once you have purchased a number, you can request that they are activated by raising a request to activate your number(s) along with your Right of Use (ROU) PIN.

Once ownership is confirmed by validating the number and ROU PIN via SmartNumbers / The Numbering System , it will be activated and made available for your use.