How do I create reports in SecureCo Inbound Management Studio (SIMS)?

Learn how to generate self service reports in tab. SIMS for inbound toll free services.

SIMS reporting feature gives you the ability and control to generate reports anytime at your convenience, for your inbound toll free services.

Steps to create reports in SIMS: 

Step 1. 

After login, in Reporting, click the Statistics tab.

Step 2.

Select from the menu, any of the 8 available reports you wish to generate.

Step 3.

Select the date range.

Step 4.

Platform > Select All from the drop-down menu.

Step 5.

Select the Account from the drop-down menu.

Step 7.

Service/Number > Select All from the drop-down menu or type in a specific service number.


Once you have entered the above details, a report is created. 

Report can be viewed online or downloaded as csv file (except for the Answer Time graph).