How to migrate existing Numbers to the Intelligent Voice Platform?

Learn how to access IVP by porting numbers or by migrating your existing OTT or private connections.

Platform Access describes the connectivity options to enable customers to make and receive telephone calls with their phone numbers on the Intelligent Voice Platform. 

There are two paths to access the Platform;

SecureCo Carriage

The easiest option is to port your existing phone numbers to SecureCo. You can learn more about port requests here.

SecureCo is connected to Tier 1 Telcos to provide connectivity and the ability to make calls by providing.

  • Australia Domestic Direct In-Dial number ranges
  • New Zealand Domestic Direct In-Dial number ranges
  • Australia Virtual Mobile Direct In-Dial numbers
  • Local Number Portability (LNP) & Mobile Number Portability (MNP)
  • Global Numbers and services within the Locations where the IVP is deployed - see coverage map

Bring-your-own Carriage (BYOC)

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) enables customers to utilise their existing Carrier services. There are two options available for BYOC.

  • Over-the-Top (OTT)
  • Private Connections

It's important to note that the responsibility of managing BYOC connectivity lies solely with the customer, as does the porting and purchasing of numbers. While IVP ensures the security and reliability of our platform, we do not form part of the contractual relationship for these services.

Over-the-Top (OTT)

OTT is delivered on the Platform by default and is the preferred BYOC choice If the existing service is OTT or the current carrier can offer OTT

To provision a BYOC trunk on IVP, simply configure the carrier-provided details (e.g. sip username and password, sip proxy or SBC etc.) and then provision numbers as BYOC numbers on the Platform ready for use.

Private Connections

If the carrier can only do a private connection or the customer wants a private connection for regulatory or compliance reasons, there are two options:

  • Cloud Connect
    Simply search for SecureCo on Megaport or Equinix Cloud Exchanges and request a connection to the Instance as required.

IMPORTANT: You will need to order cloud Connect directly from Megaport or Equinix.

NOTE: We always recommend Cloud Connect as the preferred option as it is the fastest and best experience for customers.

Cloud Connect is a virtual option and the quickest option to set up as it requires no hardware, physical cabling or routers.

  • Physical Interconnect
    Alternatively, connect directly with SecureCo regional Points of Presence, via an ethernet port available for the carriage services

IMPORTANT: The Partner or Customer are responsible for hosting any equipment in the data centre including; NTUs, Routers and purchasing the cross connect to SecureCo.