How to log into SecureCo Inbound Management Studio?

Learn how to log into SecureCo Inbound Management Studio (SIMS) portal for managing your inbound toll free services.

SIMS is a very user-friendly and intuitive self-service tool that you can use to efficiently manage inbound toll-free numbers provisioned by SecureCo, across your customer base.

A signed Partner Agreement and/or a Service Order between SecureCo and the Partner is a pre-requisite before your SIMS account can be set up.

If you have forgotten your user login credentials or are a new user for an existing partner account in SIMS, please contact the SIMS account administrator within your organisation. 


If you are a new partner with a request to have your account set up in SIMS:

Step 1. 

Please email SecureCo Service Desk

Include the name, email, role and phone number of team members to be granted admin access.

Step 2. 

SecureCo Service Desk will set up the Partner account in SIMS and grant account administrator access to your team members per your request.

Step 3. 

SecureCo Service Desk will communicate the Account Code, Username and Password to all the account administrators. 

Step 4. 

Account administrators can log in at Recommend changing your password on the first login.