How to create a Fax to Email SIMS Service?

Learn how to create a fax-to-email service. This service will deliver any facsimile directly as a PDF to an email address of your choice.

Step 1. 

After login, in Services, click Create New Service button.

Step 2.

In the Create New Service modal window, select the client account you wish from the drop-down menu. Next, select Simple Service and then click Confirm to continue.SimpleService_F2E_1


"Gerb" Need to confirm what if any additional charges are applied for this service.


Step 3. 

You can start configuring the Fax-to-Email service by entering a name. This name is used for identification purposes.

Step 4. 

Next, assign numbers from your account to the new service. One or more DDI numbers can be attached to the service. You can search for numbers or filter by category.

Step 5. 

Configure Fax to Email by entering Originator email will be displayed as the sender on any received emails.

Next, enter an email address you wish to show on the received such as The email address is the email where any faxes are to be delivered. For multiple email recipients, please select Add.

Then, Select the Fax file format either TIFF or PDF


Step 6.

Once you have configured your Simple Service and clicked on the save button, you will be presented with a Service Summary confirmation page. 

If you are satisfied that the service configuration is correct, click Confirm Service and it will be made live.