Support Priority Definitions

Definitions for P1, P2, P3 and P4 support ticket priority escalation.

The following definitions will be used to assign a priority to a ticket.



Response Target

Resolution Target


Total loss of functionality 30 Minutes 4 Hours


Multiple Features/Services Impacted 1 Hour 8 Hours


Single Feature/Services Impacted 2 Hours 3 Business Days


A Service Request or Standard Change Request which is not currently impacting service delivery (ie. Production)

Next Business Day 5 Business Days

NOTE: SecureCo will make its best-efforts to resolve any pre-go-live testing incidents. The above SLAs are not applicable to pre-production.


The timeframes referenced above commence when a Service ticket is validly raised in accordance with the Support Manual and will be paused if a ticket is changed to any of the following statuses or in accordance with any items specified in the Support Manual:

  • Waiting on Vendor – for products or services where a 3rd party vendor (e.g. telco provider) is used, SecureCo is waiting for additional information or a resolution from the vendor before work on the ticket can continue.
  • Waiting on Partner – SecureCo is waiting on the Partner service desk to provide additional information before work on the ticket can continue.
  • On Hold – Used when a Partner requests that a ticket remain open after the incident or problem has been resolved or has stopped occurring.

Automatic Closure of Tickets

When a ticket is placed on hold, the SecureCo Service Desk will seek regular updates with the appropriate party. After an elapsed period of time with no response, tickets will be closed automatically as follows:

  • 24 hours from on hold – email notification and a warning will be sent to the requester.
  • 48 hours from on hold – if the notification above does not result in the ticket being updated, the ticket will be closed automatically.