What documents are required for porting an Australian phone number?

Information required to initiate a porting request for a fixed-line (DID) service.

SecureCo needs two documents to port in Australian phone numbers. Please ensure that all documentation has the same name and address listed. Discrepancies may cause delays or result in your application being rejected by the previous carrier.

Porting Authority Form

A porting authority form (PAF) signed by the authorized user and/or owner of the phone number. The information in your PAF must match the authorized username and service address provided by your current carrier. Based on service availability or coverage for a phone number, we may request a PIN or the account number associated with the phone numbers. If you know your PIN and account number, please include those details in your PAF.

Here are Microsoft Word documents you can use as templates for a PAF:

Geo Number PAF
Toll Free Number PAF

Proof of Ownership

A recent invoice from the previous service provider that proves the ownership of the number, or the customer service record (CSR) for the phone number. The invoice must contain your account name, authorised username, and billing details for the phone number you wish to port.