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What happens next after your Service Order is signed?

Learn how to track your Service Order and stay on top of the service provisioning.

Step 1.

SecureCo ServiceDesk will whitelist your email domain, if you are a new partner or new customer.

Step 2.

Once the service order (SO) is signed, SecureCo ServiceDesk will create a provisioning ticket and email the ticket details to your nominated contacts in the SO.

Step 3.

Your team can self-signup to SecureCo ServiceDesk tool and track the progress of the provisioning ticket.



Find out how to sign up to SecureCo Service Desk

All correspondence for the provisioning ticket will be sent via ServiceDesk emails to your contacts enlisted on the ticket. You may add any additional Partner staff to that ticket in the CC: field. 

Step 4.

ServiceDesk will request you for information and discuss the status of provisioning via the ticket.